Visual Storytelling at Typeform’s Purpose and Values Presentation Meeting

«This is a design-centric company, so this kind of visual storytelling is super important for everything that we represent.»

Paul Campillo, Storyteller and Brand Strategist at Typeform

In July 2019, we had the opportunity to perform visual storytelling for an important Typeform presentation on the company’s purpose and five main cultural values. Typeform is a company that helps people create surveys in a more engaging, creative, and human manner. For this reason, their motto is, “we make things a little more human.”

At d + b Intersection, we strive to add a human touch to all business proposals, design projects, and workshops that we engage with. Thus, we felt that this collaboration between us and TypeForm was a truly great fit. Our companies both strive to make complex, technical, and rigidly structured concepts and actions more human, more creative, more interactive, and more comprehensible. 

What was the event?

Typeform is a rapidly growing company. As they continue to expand and change, so does its work culture. Therefore, many employees felt that it was important to revisit the central values of the company itself and ensure that the values of the work culture fit. Subsequently, Paul Campillo, a professional storyteller at TypeForm, organized and led a presentation outlining and explaining the five current core values of the company.

During this presentation, five different speakers explained each core value for the company. The presentation took place and a beautiful creatively styled meeting room in the type form office. All members of the company who were working that day came to sit around and watch the presentation.

Typeform’s creative meeting room

It is important that these people saw the values of the company because the values speak not only to them but to their daily lives, their interactions.

What did we do?

At this value presentation, we performed real-time visual storytelling that showed the values of TypeForm is a creative, colorful, and engaging manner. As she did at the FC Barcelona, «Femení, Plural» event, Alexandra Etel (CEO and innovation architect) listened to presenters’ words, synthesized the information, and created illustrations that depicted the presentations in a clear and concise manner.

Creating a real-time Visual Storytelling through Graphic Recording

Enhanced Visual Storytelling with Typeform Purpose and Values Presentation

The final product showed each of the five core values in a different color and with different drawings of people, and it was extremely well received by TypeForm’s employees and presenters! After seeing our visual story, Paul Campillo stated, «We’re super happy with the result. We feel that we have a visual story of the event, and we want to put this everywhere to help embed the company values.»

Campillo felt that d + b Intersection was a very good fit for Typeform. He explained, «This is a design-centric company, so this kind of visual storytelling is super important for everything that we represent.» 

What were the benefits?

To start, the presentation was given in a large room in front of many employees, and as a result, it was more difficult for those sitting in the back of to engage with the presenters. However, because we performed our visual storytelling towards the back of the room, those people were able to engage with our work and gain a quick understanding of the values presented.

Overall, our real-time visual storytelling:

  • Made the Typeform presentation more dynamic and interactive
  • Increased audience engagement with the speakers and understanding of the topic
  • Added a human touch to the presentation
  • Represented the key points of each speaker in a simple and clear manner


Typeform’s team of speakers were very excited to look at the result of our visual storytelling after the presentation!

Final Remarks

It was a joy to work with a company whose values matched ours so well! We are excited to follow Typeform’s journey as they continue to grow and evolve, and we have no doubt that they will continue to thrive!